A Modern Approach to Photographic Composition

How do we make our photographs more powerful, more pointed? It’s painless to be ordinary. The difficulty lies in being unique.

Where does that line between a simple snapshot begin to transition into self-expression? How do we sew together our visions of self-expression within the photographs we make? In a word; composition.

With this ebook, our goal is to investigate (and demonstrate) those small pieces of the photographic puzzle that must be assembled to accomplish the most uniquely marvelous feat any of us can hope to achieve: expressing ourselves through effectively composed photographs.

Once you reach the realization of this freedom, you will become more proficient in your understanding of some of the most common aesthetic principles of photographic composition.

In short, we’re going to teach you the rules of composition in photography and then make sure you know that it’s altogether acceptable to break them.

No rule of composition can replace personal judgment. A beautifully executed photograph is just as likely to follow the rules as easily as it can break free from them. You hereby have permission to break the rules.

We have designed this ebook to look great on many devices and offer a comfortable reading experience. The included PDF is perfect for reading on your desktop/laptop computer or tablet.

This ebook is broken down into 10 chapters that contain 90+ pages packed full with theory, techniques, concepts, advice, and tips & tricks to help you master composition and create stunning images that wow viewers!

What's Included

90+ pages ebook .pdf file


A desire to learn composition... ...and create photographs that your audience will love!

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Why read this ebook?

Learn composition fundamentals, techniques, and concepts to create truly outstanding images.

  • Learn creative techniques that photographers use to create stronger compositions.
  • Create breathtaking photographs that will wow your audience and make them want to explore more of your images.
  • Learn all about the Golden Ratio and Golden Rectangles and apply the principles you learn in this ebook to your own photographs.
  • Get a deeper understanding of Leading Lines and Framing to really draw attention to your elements in your frame and lead your viewers through your images.
  • How (and why!) to use symmetry and patterns to create amazing images. Every. Single. Time.
  • Learn all about the Rule of Thirds – when to use it, how it works, and when to break out of it.
  • Improve your compositions using the Phi Grid and the Fibonacci Spiral.
  • Discover the secrets of photographic composition used by thousands of photographers!
  • Increase your odds of capturing awesome portraits with composition techniques tailored to portrait photography.
  • Shoot outstanding images by learning all about positive & negative space and tell compelling stories with your images.
  • Go through the chapters at your own pace and practice what you've learned when you're out there shooting.
  • Most importantly, learn how and why it's ok to break the "rules" of photographic composition.
  • And so much more...
A Modern Approach to Photographic Composition Ebook - Pages

What is Included?

The Modern Approach to Photographic Composition ebook contains a total of 10 chapters (that's over 90 pages.) Below you'll find the complete list of chapters in the ebook.

Complete with screenshots and example photos, this ebook, by award-winning photographer and author Adam Welch, will guide you on your journey to creating amazing compositions!

  • Foreword 4
  • Preface 6
  • Chapter 1: Composing for Photographic Self-Expression 8
  • Chapter 2: Practical Composition 13
  • Chapter 3: The Rule of Thirds 19
  • Chapter 4: The Golden Ratio and the Golden Rectangle 28
  • Chapter 5: The Fibonacci Spiral 35
  • Chapter 6: Compositional Use of Symmetry and Patterns 45
  • Chapter 7: Positive Space, Negative Space and Minimalism 50
  • Chapter 8: Leading Lines 58
  • Chapter 9: Framing 65
  • Chapter 10: Portraiture 72
  • Epilogue 88

You can learn composition no matter what camera gear you use or what your skills or experience levels are. Download your copy of the Modern Approach to Photographic Composition ebook today!

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Can I read this ebook on any device?

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